Political Action

Politics plays an important role in our everyday lives as citizens. At all levels of government, local, state and federal, government officials and policy makers are making the rules that will impact: investment that creates jobs; standards in the workplace; wages; health & safety and many other issues that affect our members. We as citizens - you, your coworkers and families - put the people in office who make these decisions.  To be active politically as a LIUNA member, you can vote, contribute to the LIUNA PAC, volunteer to elect candidates who will fight for workers and stay involved with your Local Union. 


See how the RILDC works in the political sphere to promote projects that bring jobs into Rhode Island

Michael F. Sabitoni, Business Manager of the RILDC explains the Need for Burrillville Power Plant


Michael F. Sabitoni, Business Manager of the RILDC testifies before the Public Utilities Commission



Rhode Island Laborers' Political League

The Rhode Island Laborers' Political League was created to give the Laborers' Union a voice in the political affairs of our state.  The RI Laborers Political League is one of the most powerful union political action committees in Rhode Island. RI Laborers Political League provides support to Laborers' Political League in Washington, D.C., for contributions to state and national candidates.

The RI Laborers Political League uses contributions from our members to support political candidates from both parties who champion legislative issues that assist Laborers and our affiliated contractors. We encourage these elected state, county, and town officials to draft and pass bills that help Laborers by making worksites safer, establishing fair wages, etc.

The RI Laborers Political League also speaks out against bills that would diminish the rights of workers and unions. Additionally, we work hard to expand local union involvement in campaigns, governmental affairs and economic development issues.

The RI Laborers Political League has been successful in advocating for a wide range of measures important to Laborers and their families, as well as general labor issues affecting all working men and women. We encourage members and their families to make their voices heard through voter registration drives, get-out-the-vote campaigns and letter-writing campaigns.